Japanese Rain Goggles

Ever since last night’s episode of Two & a Half Men, the world has been dying to know: what are Japanese Rain Goggles?

Last night, Charlie Harper, the character played by Charlie Sheen, described a sexual encounter with Jenny MacCarthy‘s character where Harper wore “Japanese Rain Goggles”.

I had first heard this reference back in college, so I thought everyone knew what they were.  I was wrong.

Some pointed to this post thinking they were actual goggles.  They are not.  Some thought it was a made-up term that really has no meaning.  It is not.

In fact, it turns out no one knows what they really are…except for me.

So here, finally, as per the Delaware Delta Alpha chapter of Pi Lambda Phi (Theta class), is the official meaning of Japanese Rain Goggles:

WARNING: For mature audiences only.  Not intended for anyone under 18 years of age…

EDIT: We have removed this content to keep our site PG-13. If you really need an explanation, you can probably find what you’re looking for here. Thanks for your understanding.