JaMichael JohnsonThey say everything’s bigger in Texas, and when it comes to “little” JaMichael Johnson, they’re not kidding.

On Friday, Janet Johnson gave birth to JaMichael, who made his grand entrance weighing in at 16 pounds. That’s more than twice the average weight of a newborn baby in the U.S.

JaMichael was the heaviest baby ever born at Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview and the largest newborn baby in the great state of Texas.

Johnson and fiancee Michael Brown knew that they would be having a large baby.  Two weeks before her Caesarean delivery, Dr. John Kirk, Johnson’s OB-GYN, said he thought the baby would probably weigh 12 or 13 pounds, but JaMichael even outdid those estimates.

“He was much larger than expected,” said Kirk, adding that JaMichael Johnson was the biggest baby he had ever delivered. “Both his mother and father are large people, and she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which contributed to the baby’s size.”

“They’re calling him ‘Moose’ up here,” JaMichael’s father said.

“I’m just excited that he’s here,” said Johnson.

Check him out in the video below.