Jaguars New LogoThe Jacksonville Jaguars decided that, after an embarrassing 2-14 season, their logo needed a bit of a facelift.

Rather than actually give it one, though, they unveiled a rather yawn-inducing, altered version of the team’s logo instead.

During the team’s 2013 “State of the Jaguars” address, Jags owner Shad Khan unveiled the team’s new primary logo. Instead of the sleek, refined jaguar image the team has used in recent years, they decided to go with – well – a pretty boring-looking jaguar.

Committed to “harnessing the momentum” of bold changes, Khan says he envisions the logo as a “new symbol for a new generation” in Jaguars history. He added that some more changes to the uniforms could be coming later this offseason.

So, not only does the team now feature new head coach Gus Bradley and new general manager David Caldwell, it also features this relatively boring new logo, which looks like it stepped right out of a Disney movie.

Below are the old logo (left) and the Jaguars’ new logo (right) side by side.

Which one do YOU prefer?

Jaguars New Logo vs Old Logo