strolling past the ira einhorn mural
Ira Einhorn Mural

Here’s an interesting, if not macabre, bit of Earth Day trivia we didn’t cover earlier today. Ira Einhorn, in addition to being a co-founder of Earth Day, was also the Unicorn Killer.

While Ira Einhorn was attending the University of Pennsylvania, he was dating a young woman from Bryn Mawr College named Holly Maddux.  When their relationship ended in 1977, Einhorn snapped and killed her.

What’s worse, Einohorn concealed the body in a trunk in his apartment for 18 months, until his neighbors complained about the foul stink emanating from his living quarters.  In 1979, police discovered the body inside of the trunk, which was being hidden in a closet.

Ira Einhorn was arrested, but skipped bail in 1981 andleft Philly.  After more than ten years had gone by, the District Attorney tried Einhorn in absentia having been unable to track him down.  He was convicted.

Ira Einhorn was was found in 1997.  He had been living in France with a new flame.  The D.A.’s office in Philadelphia demanded extradition.  The French would not comply as they didn’t agree with the death penalty which was in use in the state of Pennsylvania.

Einhorn talked the French into letting him stay until he was granted a new trial.  He was sent packing back to Pennsylvania in July of 2001.

Ira Einhorn was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in October 17, 2002.

Have a Happy Earth Day.

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