Pubic Schools

A billboard toting the best things about the public schools in South Bend, Indiana was put up along the highway without anyone noticing a very embarrassing typo.  This is, until someone snapped a picture of it and uploaded it to Facebook.

That’s right, the sign says, “15 Best Things About Our PUBIC Schools”.

Responsibility for the spelling gaffe has been claimed by the Blue Waters Group. The company does work for South Bend’s redevelopment commission to promote the city.

“I feel terrible. It’s a mistake we made and we’re guilty of it, and responsible for it. and we take full responsibility for the error,” said Patrick Strickler, president of the Blue Waters Group.

“Four people looked at it, eyeballed it and didn’t see the mistake, and those people all work for me,” Strickler explained. “We take responsibility for it. We simply blew it. We did not see the missing ‘L’.”

The offending sign has since been taken down.