We Wish You a Merry HomelandFor those who saw the season 2 finale of Homeland on Showtime, what a treat!

Just when it seemed like the show had nowhere left to go…BOOM!




As I was watching the finale, I was wondering where else they could go with this story to keep viewers interested.

Then, BOOM goes the CIA!


Is Brody really innocent?  Why did he tell Mike he couldn’t take care of his family right now?  Did he have another pressing matter to attend to that involved a car bomb and a funeral?

Why did he have that “sad” look on his face when Carrie chose Brody over the CIA?

Is that why he made sure that he can Carrie weren’t right next to the bomb, or would he have been OK with dying in the blast anyway?

If it WAS Brody, then how do we explain the fact that he lied to his daughter a few minutes ago?  Why tell her the truth about the bomb vest but then lie about the CIA attempt?  Was that part of his plan to throw her off the scent?

Then again, maybe it was Quinn.  Maybe that’s why he didn’t kill Brody…he knew “they” still needed him.  Maybe he didn’t suddenly grow a conscience after all.  Many have suspected all along that he’s the mole within the CIA.

Or could it be Saul?  Is that why he had a mixed look on his face when he saw Carrie?  Probably not.  If Saul is the one behind all this, the fans will revolt in such a way that the show could probably never recover.

That pained mixed look on Saul’s face was probably due to the fact that he knew that Carrie’s absence to that point meant that she’d been helping Brody get away.  Now that he’s the new head of the CIA, he can’t protect her.  In fact, he’ll probably have to investigate her.

She really is the “smartest, dumbest f–king person” he’s ever met.

UPDATE: After watching parts of the finale again, I’m convinced it was Brody.  Why else would he tell Mike he can’t take care of his family “right now?”  Note his angry expression when he gets out of his SUV at the funeral…and the keys are still in his hand.  Just a few seconds later, they’re suddenly gone.  Why the sad look and the quick glance out the window after Carrie says she’s decided to be with him?  Brody, you haven’t changed at all.

What do YOU think?  Where does the show go from here?  What becomes of Brody’s family?  Who was behind the attack?  What will become of Carrie?

You’ll have to wait until season 3 to find out.

Until then, we wish you a merry Homeland

We Wish You a Merry Homeland 1