Baseball Team Saves GirlValley High School has a pretty special baseball team, and not due to their prowess on the field.

They recently stopped one of their practices to save a girl who had become pinned under a car.

From KPTV:

On Tuesday evening at Valley High School in California’s capitol city, witnesses said a woman accidentally hit a car in front of her, panicked, then threw the car in reverse. She ended up hitting and backing over her own daughter. Her daughter was then stuck beneath her car.

That’s when nearly a dozen baseball players who heard the commotion from a nearby field ran over to help.

“It took 7 to 10 people,” Valley High junior Glenmil Biete said. “We all ran over, carried the car. Then we had one person pull her out.”

“I think we did a good job. It kind of bothered me throughout school today,” Valley high sophomore Jack Danho said. “It was still in my head. I was traumatized, but our quick thinking saved her life.”

More on this amazing story in the video below.