Michael Blount

Time to test your meme knowledge.  Remember the “Hello My Future Girlfriend” kid from 1998?

One of the very first internet memes is all grown up and lives to tell his story of internet fame on Reddit. Ironically, Michael Blount is gay now.

Here’s what he has to say (check it out here on Reddit):

When I was 11, in 1998, and a 6th grader in Kirtland, New Mexico I made the Hello My Future Girlfriend website. It was around the time that boys start becoming interested in girls and words like boyfriend and girlfriend are thrown around freely. I being the shy kid I was, incapable of finding a girl at the school that liked me and spending way too much time on Yahoo Chat, decided to make a little additional profile. My plan was I’d chat with a girl online, and if things went well, possibly give her my link to my “}-{ello My Future Girlfriend” page.

I had learned a little web development, one of the last things being how to embed audio into a webpage and thought it would be neat to have a little clip added. It was a .wav file, long before I knew about mp3. It was originally hosted on a tripod account, because only there could I fake my age as being 13 and create a hosting account. At the time the whole idea seemed entirely innocent to me.

It was an odd time being a kid on the internet, at least in Yahoo chat where I was hanging out. People seemed to have both real life and cyber boyfriends and girlfriends. I forgot about the page completely and a couple years later noticed a sudden flood of my email address: kidblount@hotmail.com, (no longer controlled by me) ((kid being I was a kid, and my name is Michael Blount, thus, kidblount)) It started with one response and quickly went viral, possibly before the term was coined in the “Things you find on the web that spread like crazy” context.

My father and I share the same name, I’m technically Michael Blount, Jr. So, our name was listed in the phone books and quickly the flood of late night calls began, my parents receiving calls in the middle of the night from people asking if I had a girlfriend. I had to confess my little webpage and tried to delete it, but it had already been mirrored across the internet. On 01/24/2002, my web page was featured on an episode of The Screensavers on TechTV by Martin Sargent, who I came to hate for poking fun at my “desperate” message on National TV. I did not see the episode myself, but did find the show note here. One of my friends from school had watched the episode and had called me to tell me about it. I was annoyed, and once again the calls started coming in late at night. Since then the phone number has been changed and unlisted. (Please don’t bother trying to find it, as I’d much rather give you other ways to communicate with me if you feel the need to.)

I was contacted by an agent for Martin Sargent when he was doing his show Unscrewed, but declined to be on it by cruddy webcam. Years later I was contacted on myspace by Martin Sargent to do a segment on his show at the time, Internet Superstar. You can view this episode I Was a Huge Botard It doesn’t really mention me until about 10 minutes 15 seconds in. The mirror I was using has since died. Yes, I needed a haircut and the webcam still turned out horribly. I put my own little f*** you in the interview by not wearing pants for the duration of it. Proof is here

My friend Lauren provided me with the temporary hosting space to place some information until I got my blog up and going. That was the mike.winterdiamond.com site, which now redirects to my blog. I did start a blog at one point, but really haven’t continued it MikeIRL.com Yes, I am gay. I like the cock. I have never had a relationship with a woman. Was recently broken up with again, so my 3rd long term relationship ended mainly because I do not work out, which I’d like to, and will start doing soon.

I’m at the point where I can look back on it and laugh. Although, I’d still love to make money off it, it really hasn’t been a priority for me. I do still cringe whenever I hear the audio playing.

There was a Wikipedia page about the website, but it was deleted because some group of people determined it not to be a significant Internet meme.

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I’m here and willing to answer just about any question you may have. I’m pretty open about everything now. I’m also pretty new to reddit, so forgive me if I’m clueless of the functions.