The Top 7 finalists took the American Idol stage last night to pick their favorite songs from the 21st century. Haley Reinhart chose to go with “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele.

This was a really solid performance from Haley.  She’s got some mad pipes, I’ll give her that.  I would pay good money to see her in concert right now.  She does these little Mariah runs that are just crazy, and despite what the other contestants said about her, I kind of like that little growling thing she does every now and then.  She had one or two very minor pitch problems, but vocally she’s one of the best right now.

Steven Tyler loved it.  He thought it was a little slow at the start but said it was beautiful.  New drinking game: take a drink every time Tyler says “Good job.”  Randy Jackson was impressed, saying that Haley took a step in the right direction. Jennifer Lopez said it took a lot of guts to take on an Adele song, but loved it.

Blippitt says:

Grade: A

Chance of getting voted off: 15% (only because girls have been short-lived this season)

What did you think?  Check out Haley Reinhart’s top 7 performance below.

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