Guy Falls Off Ski LiftHere’s a scary video.

This guy was apparently horsing around on the sky lift as his buddy was filming.

He wound up slipping and falling 45+ feet to the ground!

He is expected to survive, but he did have to be hospitalized with internal injuries.

Here’s the description from YouTube:

I was skiing when my friend gets off balance and ends up hanging from the chair. He did not have the security bar down. He hung from about Pole 8 to 21, and at 21 he fell. This was on a lift that averages 37ft above the ground, But pole 21 was the 3rd highest strech at about 45ft high, 19 being the highest. He suffered from injuries including: concussion, skull fracture, collapsed lung, and a lacerated liver.

He had to be helicoptered out to a local hospital.

Stay safe out there, guys!