bing-v-googleGoogle is not going to sit quietly by while Bing continues to eat away at its search share.  In fact, recent figures show that Bing’s search share has jumped to 12 percent.

Now Google has decided to battle back.

When you now go to Google, you will see a new link that says “Discovering the Web” at the bottom of the home page.  This link takes you to a new Explore Google Search page.


The new page explains several of Google’s search functions and is also a reminder from Google that it can also serve as a “decision engine” just like Bing.

The “Explore Google Search” describes no less than 16 different Google search features.

Sure, it’s a helpful review if you are a veteran Google user.  If you’re not, then this is the perfect “welcome” page to get you started.

This much is certain.  Google is stepping thing up and actually marketing itself to consumers…something it hasn’t had to do in a very long time…

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