Google and Twitter Logos

Google is buying Twitter.

No they’re not.

Yes, they are.

Well, maybe.

That’s basically how the blogosphere looks this morning.

Earlier today, TechCrunch reported that Google was in “late stage talks” to buy Twitter.  Quote:

“Google is in late stage negotiations to acquire Twitter.”

Not so fast.  They later posted that the talks were actually just “early stage” talks.  Then, Kara Swisher over at AllThingsD swooped in and laid the smack down on that rumor.

“[The rumor] isn’t accurate in any way, according to a number of sources BoomTown spoke to close to the situation.”

Whoops.  So are the talks “on again” or “off again”?  I don’t know that I really care at this point and nothing is certain until ink meets paper.

What I do know is this:

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone did an interview Stephen Colbert on “The Colbert Report” last night.

In the piece, Stone discusses Twitter’s plans to generate revenue.

Stone tells Colbert:

“We’re going to become a strong, profitable, independent company.”

He adds that the company intends to “start experimenting” with revenue models this year.

Here is the video:

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