Give Someone Special A Breville Espresso Machine

Gifts like the Breville espresso machine are reserved for special people in your life. You could have just bought a piece of jewelry, a simple shirt, or a coffee mug to someone as a gift for their birthday. But if you really wanted something that your recipient will like, opt for a big ticket item such as an espresso coffee machine.


Giving An Espresso Cappuccino Machine As A Gift

This is what I gave my husband a few months ago. For his birthday, I wanted to surprise him with something he didn’t expect I would buy. So I observed him and took into factor what he likes. I already know how much he likes coffee.

He brings it to the office almost every day. Part of his daily budget includes running down to Starbucks to get his cup of Joe. When he comes home, he makes coffee by opening a Nescafe pack and boiling water. This was when I thought about buying his own espresso coffee machine.

Looking For Honest Breville Espresso Machine Reviews

I had no idea which brands to trust so I called my dad about this. He was the one who advised me to look up Breville. Apparently, this brand has been known as one of the best when it comes to automatic coffee makers.

Mostly, I searched for ratings online. I found one website which provided an honest, useful Breville espresso machine review. According to the article, Breville machines are reliable and durable. They’re not exactly cheap but are considered as the best espresso coffee machine.

Setting A Budget

I obviously had to save for my purchase. The machine was expensive; I’m sure its Breville espresso machine parts are of the same costs. Anyway, I wanted to spoil my husband so I set aside a portion of my salary to buy this gift. Finally, I was able to find a mall shop that offered the most competitive price tag.

Giving It On His Birthday


I wrapped the box myself and put a ribbon on top. When I gave my husband the huge box, his eyes opened in wonder. I cannot forget his expression when he found out it’s a Breville Cafe Roma espresso machine! I was sure he loved it so much. I also felt happy that I was able to make my husband happy with his gift. Fast forward to the present, he treats the coffee maker like a precious toy.


It took so much time and effort on my part to give this expensive espresso coffee machine to my husband. In the end, he loved it so everything was worth it. One perk of buying the best espresso machine is waking up to freshly brewed cappuccino every morning. My husband does not even consider this a chore; he loves making coffee with his new gift.

If you know somebody special who happens to be a coffee-lover, then I suggest you give them a Breville unit on their special day. I assure you; your gift would truly be appreciated!

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