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Oh Yeah (Foxy Brown song)

Oh Yeah (Foxy Brown song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It looks like Foxy Brown is the latest star to have a celebrity sex video hit the web.

The very-NSFW “Superhead” video (the name speaks for itself) can be seen over at WSHH.com.

The burning question is, does anyone still care about Foxy Brown?  Maybe 10 years ago, when she looked good and her career wasn’t in the tank, we might have given a hoot about a Foxy Brown sex video.

Nowadays, however, I’m not sure that anyone really wants to see Ms. Brown up close and personal.


Wikipedia says Foxy’s got an album coming out later this year, but unlike other strategically-planned leaks, it’s not close to the release date a new Foxy Brown CD.

What do you say?  Would you want to see Foxy Brown in a sex video?



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