Facebook Mark ZuckerbergIt now looks like the long-awaited Facebook IPO could come as early as tomorrow.

The company is seeking to raise up to $5 billion in its offering.

If that figure is accurate, Facebook would become the largest-ever global IPO by an web-based company. ¬†Google’s $1.9 billion debut is currently the largest U.S. Internet IPO.

Facebook still couldn’t hold a candle to mega-IPOs like those from Visa, which raised more than $19 billion in 2008, and General Motors, which raised $18 billion last year.

Facebook’s IPO still won’t answer the million-dollar question though – what’s the company actually worth?

For that, we’ll have to wait until the company’s stock actually begins trading, which usually takes place several months after companies file their first round of paperwork.

Some have suggested that the social networking site could be worth $75 billion to $100 billion once it starts trading.

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