Rick Reilly Roethlisberger TwitterRick Reilly really wants you to know that he’s good at breaking news.

He wants you to know this so badly, in fact, that the ESPN cameras caught him asking fellow analyst Stuart Scott to mention that Reilly was the first to break the news of Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s shoulder injury on his Twitter page.

The cameras seem to cut back to the sports desk a little early and caught Reilly asking Scott, “Can you say I had this first on Twitter?”

Analyst and former quarterback Steve Young then taps him on the arm as if to say, “Dude, WTF?” and gives him an icy stare down before the camera then zooms in on Reilly.

As Reilly discusses the story, the crack team over at ESPN then displays a graphic referring to Rick Reilly as “Ricky Craven – NASCAR Analyst.”  Speaking of WTF.

Of course the big fail here is that Steelers’ writer Mark Kaboly, had this same information about five minutes earlier.

Rough day at ESPN.

Check it out below.