Erykah Badu Window Seat Video

If Erykah Badu was out to create some buzz, it worked.

Her cryptic new video for “Window Seat,” the newest single from her “New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh” album features the artist stripping down to bare skin.

The Dallas-bred singer admitted that taking it all off was no easy task.

“i was petrified while shooting this video … but liberation began to set in .i conquered many fears in that few moments . i am greatful,” she admitted on Twitter.

The video was filmed in and around Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas.  In it, Badu strolls down Elm Street while stripping her clothes off until she’s completely naked. Elm Street is the location where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

By the time she approaches the exact where Kennedy was shot (marked with an “X” on the pavement), Badu is completely nude.  A gunshot rings out and Badu drops to the ground as though she were the one that had been shot.

Streaks of blue “blood” then flow out of her head, spelling the word “groupthink.”

A Dallas city spokesman says Badu’s crew didn’t have permission for the stunt:

“The production company that produced this video never contacted the City to seek the proper permits. This is known as ‘guerilla filming’ where production companies circumvent the proper permitting procedures and usually shoot these scenes in one take knowing that if they are discovered they would face arrest and/or penalties.”

Badu’s naked antics may get her some attention, but thinking folks are attempting to decode the message that remains once once everything is striped down. Watch the video and decide for yourself.