Actress Elizabeth Taylor has filed a domain dispute with National Arbitration Forum to get the domain name back.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time Ms. Taylor has tried to get the domain name.

Back in June of ’05 she filed for arbitration to get the domain name.  She lost.

The respondent’s argument was that the name Elizabeth Taylor is fairly common. The panel seemed to agree and decided that Taylor didn’t have rights to “Elizabeth Taylor”.

In October 2005 she filed yet another claim. This time, the owner decided to simply hand over the domain name according to the panel’s decision.

Either the domain didn’t get transferred to Taylor like it was supposed to or Taylor somehow let it expire.

In 2008, the whois record changed to eNom’s privacy protection until the latest challenge was filed. The current owner is shown as StandardBearerEnterprisesLimited.

The domain is clearly parked and the existing page clearly shows ads related to the actress and her products. While she’s at it, she should take a look at

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