Egypt Soccer RiotThere’s complete madness in Egypt at this hour. Over 70 people have been killed so far and hundreds more injured after a soccer riot in the Egyptian city of Port Said.

One player described it as “a war, not [soccer].”

The game was between Al Ahli, one of Egypt’s best clubs, and al-Masry, a team based in Port Said. Live TV coverage showed fans scrambling onto the field and chasing down Ahli players.

Ahli player Mohamed Abo Treika described the violence as a warzone as Masry fans swarmed the field after the ref blew the final whistle, even though the team had beaten Ahli 3-1.

“This is not football. This is a war and people are dying in front of us. There is no movement and no security and no ambulances,” Abo Treika said. “I call for the premier league to be cancelled. This is horrible situation and today can never be forgotten.”

“The players’ room has turned into a morgue,” Ahmed Nagy, Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper coach said.

Another match in Cairo was stopped after word came in of the violence in Port Said, prompting fans to set parts of the stadium on fire.

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