drunk-subway-fallTalk about a close call.

Seen below, 27-year-old Charice Lewis stumbles around on a subway platform in Boston before finally falling onto the tracks. As Lewis struggles to get back up, horrified bystanders frantically attempt to alert the conductor that someone is on the tracks as the train rapidly approaches.

Luckily, the conductor manages to halt the speeding train just inches away from where she lay on the tracks.

Police report that Lewis, who was treated for a few “scrapes,” had been drinking heavily prior to the fall.

The train operator describes the experience thusly:

“The people were waving, but they were waving too much, and they were really, really close to the yellow line, which you are not supposed to be. It was telling me, ‘Slow your train down. Slow your train down.

“As I was approaching, the lady pops her head up, and I was like, ‘Oh my God. Someone is in the pit.’ I threw it into emergency, exactly what I am supposed to do, and it stopped just in time not to hurt her.

“After the fact, she came up with a big smile on her face.”

At least she wasn’t pushing a stroller.

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