Dorner Reward LoopholeChristopher Dorner is most likely dead.  The ex-cop who went on a killing spree and then evaded police for days seemingly perished when his fortress went up in flames.

Several people were involved in the police finally tracking him down, but they may not be able to collect on the $1 million reward, thanks to an interesting loophole.

The Mayor of L.A. had announced a $1 million reward for anyone who could provide information leading to the “capture and conviction” of Christopher Dorner.

The $1 million was reportedly funded by various private groups.

However, technically the offer was his “capture,” and also for his ultimate conviction in a court of law.

Dorner, of course, died after police surrounded a cabin in Big Bear, California, and so he really wasn’t captured or convicted.

No official decision has yet been on the reward, but it seems likely that it won’t get paid to anyone who helped police find Dorner.

Here is a video from yesterday’s shoot-out as authorities surrounded Dorner.