Whew, that was a close one!

Relax, citizens. We are now one minute further away from our destruction.

This morning (Thursday), the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists set the infamous Doomsday Clock back one minute, to six minutes before midnight.

The clock itself is nothing more than a symbolic measure of how close the human race is to Armageddon as a result of man-made causes. Turns out that recent international attention to global warming, along with accords between the United States and Russia with regard to nuclear arms has given scientists a bit more confidence in our survival as a species.

In a press conference, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists cited the November 17th agreement between the U.S. and China on reducing carbon emissions, as well as the April 1st meeting between Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Barak Obama on nuclear arms reduction as main factors in resetting the clock (not to mention the election of President Obama in the first place).

Until today, the clock hadn’t been moved since 2007, when the entire planet seemed trigger happy and the BAS moved the clock to 11:57.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists was created by former Manhattan Project scientists looking to atone for their role in the creation of atomic weapons. In 1947, they created the Doomsday Clock to garner support for arms reduction.

So enjoy your extra minute. Now you actually have time to go back and re-watch seasons 1 – 5 of LOST before the final season begins in a few weeks.

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