Dolphin Bites Girls ArmSeaWorld is under the microscope once again after a dolphin attacked a little girl last month during a routine feeding.

Kids were lined up along the wall of the dolphin exhibit to feed the creatures after a show.

When one little motioned that she was all out of treats, a dolphin lunged at her and bit her on the arm.

The parents, who uploaded video of the attack to YouTube, say:

Our daughter was bitten by a dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando. We wanted to share this video so others can make an informed decision about whether or not the risks to yourself or your child are worth the experience.

A SeaWorld spokesperson defended the dolphin-feeding exhibit, saying, “Our guests are given clear instructions on how to feed the dolphins in an appropriate and safe way,” they said. “Unfortunately, there are times when instructions are not followed.”

What do you think? Should children be allowed to feed the dolphins at SeaWorld?