Derrick Rose Injury ACLIt couldn’t have gone any worse for fans of the Chicago Bulls. Sure, the won the battle (Game One of their opening playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers), but they lost the war.

Reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose tore his ACL with just over a minute left in the game and he’s done for the season. That means he’ll also miss the Summer Olympics.

Bulls fans, just go ahead and use this – it will make you feel better.

A building has never gone quite as silent as it did in Chicago tonight after Rose’s injury. It was just downright eerie.

Rose, who has had a plethora of injuries all season long, had to be helped off the court after scoring 23 points with nine rebounds and nine assists.

Sure, the Bulls won 103-91, but it felt like a loss.

Many analysts and fans are wondering why Rose was even still in the game at that point, as the Bulls were up by 12 points with just over a minute left to play.

“Yeah, I don’t work backwards like you guys do. The score was going the other way,” said Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau.

“It’s part of the game. There are going to be injuries. … You can get hurt any time. You’ve got to deal with it. He’s had a lot of injuries this year, it’s unfortunate. But we’ll deal with it.”

76ers coach Doug Collins said the injury was “awful.”

“When I play teams I want to beat them at their best. I hope the kid comes back,” Collins said.

In her postgame report, TNT’s Cheryl Miller said: “I’ve never been in a packed arena where the top player went down, and the arena went silent. It was eerie.”

Rose was taken to Chicago’s Rush Hospital where his brother said…

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