Be careful, folks. There’s a deadly snake on the loose. An extremely venomous Egyptian cobra has escaped from the Bronx Zoo in New York.  The zoo’s reptile house has been closed indefinitely.

Members of the zoo staff noticed that the snake was missing from an off-exhibit enclosure on Saturday, according to a statement.

Zoo officials are confident (read: hoping) that the Egyptian cobra is holed up in an isolated part of the building.

“Based on our knowledge of the natural history and behavior of snakes, we know they seek closed-in spaces and are not comfortable in open areas,” the statement says.

The Egyptian cobra’s venom is so lethal it can kill a full-grown elephant in just three hours.  A human would be dead in about 15 minutes.

The snake’s venom obliterates nerve tissue and brings on death via to respiratory failure.

Where do YOU think the snake is?

Bonus: The snake is now on Twitter

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