Daniel Balsam

Daniel Balsam has done two things that most of us have probably dreamed of doing at some point in our lives.  He quit his job AND he’s making a living suing e-mail spammers.

Balsam was had a career in marketing about eight years ago, when he received the straw that broke the camel’s back…an e-mail pitch to enlarge his breasts.

Fed up, Balsam launched www.DanHatesSpam.com and went to law school.  He’s now making a living by suing the companies that hit him with an endless deluge of spam…those who solicit penis enlargement, dream vacations that are too good to be true, and scammy work-from-home opportunities.

“I feel like I’m doing a little bit of good cleaning up the Internet,” Balsam says of his new career.

So far, he’s amassed over $1 million in court judgments and lawsuit settlements with companies that would rather settle out of court than go to trial on spamming charges.

Daniel Balsam does have his critics, however, including defense lawyer Bennet Kelley, who says Balsam is manipulating the system for profit.

“He really seems to be trying to twist things for a buck,” says Kelley, who has sued Balsam twice for supposedly violating confidentiality terms in settlement agreements.

“There is nothing wrong per se with being an anti-spam crusader,” Kelley adds, “but Dan abuses the processes by using small claims court.

“A lot of people will settle with him to avoid the hassle.”

Balsam is undeterred, however.

He maintains that, generally speaking, those who sue him are “retaliating” for lawsuits he has filed against them.

“I feel comfortable doing what I’m doing,” Balsam says. “And I’m not going away.”

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