Cyclops SharkHere’s something you may never see again – an albino, fetal shark with one eye.

The Cyclops Shark was sliced from the belly of a pregnant dusky shark that was caught by a fisherman in the Gulf of California this summer.

Researchers have studied the preserved beast and discovered that its lone eye is made of functional optical tissue. They don’t think the Cyclops Shark would have survived outside the womb, however.

“This is extremely rare,” says shark expert Felipe Galvan Magana of Mexico’s Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias del Mar told. “As far as I know, less than 50 examples of an abnormality like this have been recorded.”

Pisces Fleet, a sportfishing company, has quickly rocketed the Cyclops Shark to viral status.

While quite rare, “cyclopia” is an actual developmental anomaly where only one eye develops in the fetus. Human fetuses are sometimes affected too, as was the case in 1982 in Israel. In that case, a baby girl was born seven weeks early without a nose and only one eye, according to Live Science.

The infant, who lived only 30 minutes after birth, also had severe brain abnormalities.

The fisherman who discovered the Cyclops Shark is going to keep the preserved remains. Scientists have examined the fish and authenticated the bizarre catch.

The fisherman is said to be “amazed and fascinated” by the attention his catch has attracted.