Collapsing Elevator Floor PrankHow realistic are LG’s new IPS monitors? Very.

To demonstrate, the company set up a great prank.

They covered an UK elevator floor with the monitors screens, added some sounds, and waited for a victim.

When someone enters the elevator, the “floor” would collapse – complete with the sound of metal scraping.

As you might expect, passengers freaked out.

Check it out below.

UPDATE: after further review, some are suggesting that this could be fake – and I would tend to agree. When the camera angle changes, the floor seems to collapse in accordance with that angle. Really, the floor collapse should maintain the angle of someone looking directly down upon it, even when the camera angle shifts. One could argue that LG altered this in post-production to give those viewing the video the proper perspective, but frankly that seems unlikely. What do you think? Were these people genuinely frightened or were they actors?