Statue of Liberty CryingMy fellow Americans, this could be the end.  After hundreds of years of freedom, the Bill of Rights may soon be no more.

The White House has backed down from its promise of vetoing the National Defense Authorization Act and it now looks all but certain that the most frightening bill in the history of the United States will pass.

As we’ve previously discussed here, the National Defense Authorization Act allows the U.S. government to indefinitely detain anyone, indefinitely and without a trial (including American citizens), so long as they are suspected of “substantially supporting Al Qaeda, the Taliban or any ‘associated forces,'” whatever that means.

OK, that all sounds well and good, but did you know that, under this act, you could be considered a terrorist if you have more than seven days’ worth of food in your house? You could be considered a terrorist if you own firearms. You could be considered a terrorist if you’re missing any fingers on your hands (I’m not making this stuff up).

The terminology here is so broad that every red-blooded American is at risk.

President Barack Obama had previously promised to veto this bill if it made it to the White House. Tonight, the Obama administration backed away from that pledge…surprise, surprise.

There will be little to no mainstream media coverage of this, because they own the media.  If you need any proof, simply go to  In this article, they dedicate a mere six paragraphs to the provision before quickly changing the subject to how the U.S. will now impose harsher sanctions on Iran.

“Nothing more to see here, folks.  Please move along.  Nothing more to see here.”

This may be the most important piece of legislation to ever cross the president’s desk, and yet the Occupy movement is busy closing down ports.

There are even some Congressmen who are afraid of this bill. Rep. Tom McClintock of California just spoke out against the NDAA tonight.

Here’s what he had to say (transcript below):

Mr. Speaker:

I rise in opposition to Section 1021 of the underlying Conference Report (H.R. 1540, the National Defense Authorization Act).

This section specifically affirms that the President has the authority to deny due process to any American it charges with “substantially supporting al Qaeda, the Taliban or any ‘associated forces'” — whatever that means.

Would “substantial support” of an “associated force,” mean linking a web-site to a web-site that links to a web-site affiliated with al-Qaeda? We don’t know. The question is, “do we really want to find out?”

We’re told not to worry — that the bill explicitly states that nothing in it shall alter existing law.

But wait. There is no existing law that gives the President the power to ignore the Bill of Rights and detain Americans without due process. There is only an assertion by the last two presidents that this power is inherent in an open-ended and ill-defined war on terrorism. But it is a power not granted by any act of Congress. At least, not until now.

What this bill says is, “What Presidents have only asserted, Congress now affirms in statute.”

We’re told that this merely pushes the question to the Supreme Court to decide if indefinite detainment is compatible with any remaining vestige of the Bill of Rights.

That’s a good point, IF the Court were the sole guardian of the Constitution. But it is not. If it were, there would be no reason to require every member of Congress to swear to preserve, protect, and defend that Constitution.

We are also its guardians.

And today, we who have sworn fealty to that Constitution sit to consider a bill that affirms a power contained in no law and that has the full potential to crack the very foundation of American liberty.

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul is outraged over the National Defense Authorization Act and basically calls it the “legalization of Martial Law.”

The ACLU is quick to point out that the NDAA is a threat to our freedom.

The bill currently has dangerous provisions attached that would authorize the president to send the military literally anywhere in the world to detain civilians – even American citizens in the United States itself – without charge or trial.

“The president should more carefully consider the consequences of allowing this bill to become law,” says Laura W. Murphy, director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office. “If President Obama signs this bill, it will damage both his legacy and American’s reputation for upholding the rule of law. The last time Congress passed indefinite detention legislation was during the McCarthy era and President Truman had the courage to veto that bill. We hope that the president will consider the long view of history before codifying indefinite detention without charge or trial.”

Even Daily Show host Jon Stewart is up in arms about this bill.  See his tirade about the NDAA here.

Still not convinced? The internet collective Anonymous has spoken out against the National Defense Authorization Act too. They issued this message about the NDAA just a few days ago.

Tonight, they’ve issued an another, more urgent message regarding the NDAA now that the White House has backed down from its veto promise.

Here’s their new message (transcript below):

Citizens of the United States,
We are Anonymous.

This message is an urgent warning to the people of the United States. The government has been plotting treason against you.

An addition to the National Defense Authorization Act, Sections 1031 and 1032, will allow the United States government to imprison any person who commits any act they disagree with indefinitly and without trial. Section 1031 reads, “A covered person under this section” includes, “any person who has committed a belligerent act.” All persons accused do not get a trial. The Feinstein Amendment, 1031 e, states that, “nothing in this section shall be construed.” The Supreme Court are the only ones with the power to construe laws. If this law is passed exactly 24 hours after this video is published, there is no turning back.

They will call us liberals and fanatics. Those are words. Look at the proof. The United States government is deceiving you. If you do not wake up now, it will be too late. Your last day of freedom is today. Will you ignore this message and continue your day without another thought? Or will you fight back against this corrupt and vile government? The choice is yours. The latter is best. Petitions will not work this time. Corporates and Billionaires have backed up this law and the government is certain that you will not take action. They are certain that their “bread and circuses” tactic will succeed. Let us prove them wrong.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
To the United States government, you should’ve expected us.

So what can you do to prevent the loss of your freedoms? For starters, the ACLU has provided a quick and easy form you can complete here to let your local representative know that you are against this bill.

You can also go here to contact your local Congressman and make your voice heard!

Spread this article to as many people as you can…friends, family…anyone you care about.

Take action…now!

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