Choose a Sleeper Sofa for your living room

Sleeper sofa is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture to adorn your home. To add a bed may not be possible because of space. A sleeper sofa can be considered as a great option. It can be very practical and attractive to have a sleeper bed and chair in a guest room for sleeping or seating when required. These furniture sets are often chosen for studio apartments or student dorms. More people are choosing these attractive sleeper sofas over the trendy curved sofas. Sleeper sofas are a great choice for vacation cabins or time-share units. The sleeper sofa is priced to fit any budget.

Sleeper sofas are generally provided with an easy-opening mechanism and a TV headrest. Frames are fitted with good quality and durable hard wood. Back cushions provided depend upon the company that manufacture and usually it will be semi-attached. These cushions are wrapped with dense polyfoam of  polyester fiber. The mattress will be 4 inches thick and 2 pillows will be with the sleeper sofas. Sleeper sofas will be 82x36x37″H. The seat height will be 20″. Manufacturing warranty will usually be 1 year only. Design technology is based on the demand of family life with deep-cushioned adept visual appearance. They are provided with modern ultra fashionable microfiber which are exceptionally soft and hold their shape well fitting to the day-to-day activity. These add to the comfort of the clients. Some will come as two piece sleepers. They can be modified to fit the need of the client and additional seating for those big family assemblages will be provided. These sleeper sofas are manufactured with having great diversity or variety, sufficient enough for sitting, sleeping or drowsing. In order to hold without stress the needs of the clients who will be of all ages and sizes, the manufacturers are building them keeping in mind the function and the purposes of the clients. Competitions in the market force the manufacturers to give interior decoration with full complement of style. Sleeper sofas are used at the time of watching movies, short sleep or share in spoken communication with friends or family. Some companies give extremely pleasing designs especially for the old age diseased persons. They are manufactured with the extreme comfort to sit and sleep on. They are provided with orthopedic mattresses and the bed adjusts without having to take the pillows off. These are some great functionality provided by the manufacturers keeping in mind the needs of the clients. Though expensive, they are comfortable sleeper sofa and pretty; they will suit the needy people. Among best sleeper sofa, pull-out sofas are popular.


Sofa beds are great investments for home owners and apartment dwellers that are low on space and need extra room for guests to sleep. Purchasing a sofa bed is a rewarding process for many individuals, but there are also some difficulties that can arise when looking for the perfect sleeper sofa for your home. In order to choose your ideal sofa bed, there are several steps one should follow to ensure you have covered all of your bases and are making the right decision.

  • Measure. Measure the available space in the room where you want to place the best sleeper sofa. This will be the maximum width and length of the sofa. Make sure you know how much room you’ll need for the mattress to fold out and rest comfortable sleeper sofa on the floor. Also, make sure you measure the door height and width as well to ensure the sleep sofa will fit through the door. You don’t want to have to immediately return to the store and begin the whole shopping process over again.
  • Choose a size. Once you’ve measured, you can choose the size of sleep sofa you want. You don’t have to get the biggest sofa available. Chair sleepers start at 39 inches and go to 58 inches. Twin sleepers range from 48 inches to 65 inches. Full sleepers are between 63 inches and 92 inches. Queen sleepers measure between 69 inches and 102 inches. You can even have a sectional sofa with a sleep sofa hidden away in it.
  • Decide on a mattress type. Determine the type of mattress you want for your sofa bed. Most sleep sofas either have innerspring or foam mattresses. Some models of sleep sofas are equipped to work with air mattresses as well. Choosing the right mattress is as important as choosing the right kind of sleeper sofa.
  • Read reviews. Other customers’ opinions are invaluable when purchasing a new piece of furniture. Look at reviews of the sofas you’re interested in to find one that’s right for you to see if it fits your expectations.
  • Coordinate with existing furniture. If you wish to color coordinate your sleep sofa with the rest of the room’s decor, then consider matching the fabric of your new sleeper sofa to your already existing furniture. Sleeper sofas come in all sorts of material. Even formal couches like leather sofas can feature a sofa bed.

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