REMINDER: Only 4 more days until “Monty’s Trick or Treat“.  It’s 100% free.

I received at least six “High Volume Alerts” from Cha Cha over the weekend.  If you haven’t read our previous posts on how to make money with Cha Cha, this is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money from home.  It’s free and it’s 100% legit.  All you do is answer questions that people text in to Cha Cha.  If you’re quick, efficient, and can answer questions, this is something you should really sign up for.

It’s very easy to make a part-time income with Cha Cha.  In fact, some people are making as much as $4,000 per month just answering people’s questions.

This weekend, I got about six “High Volume Alert” e-mails like the one below…

This means that questions are coming into Cha Cha so fast that there aren’t enough Guides to answer them in a timely manner.

So go sign up to become a Guide and make some extra money.

Once you sign up, you go through a “test” period where you must answer 10 sample questions as quickly and as accurately as possible.  Once you do that, you will usually get your approval within about 24 hours.  Be sure NOT to use and “Wiki” sites and “Sources” when answering questions.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to enter the e-mail address “montydad5000 (at) yahoo (dot) com” in the “Cha Cha Guide Referral E-Mail Address” field to improve your chances of getting approved as a Guide.

Now, stop reading.  Start making money.

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