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Take precautions against poisoning

In 2010 more than 1 million children under the age of 6 were the victims of unintentional poisonings. Ninety-two percent of these poisonings happened at home. Dangerous Household Products While most parents keep dangerous products such as medicines, drain opener, and alcohol out of reach of children, they sometimes overlook common household products that can […]

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Why your kid lies?

A lie may seem small until its full ramifications are known.The snowball effect of lying permits even the smallest of fibs to have random, unpredictable, and sometimes significant results. Just as one snowflake too many can trigger an avalanche, so a single untruth can trigger a massive cover-up effort. As the story gets more complicated, […]

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Be a super-safe baby sitter

You’ve decided to earn extra money baby-sitter, and you think it will be easy. How about viewing it as taking responsibility for another human being? Since accidents are the greatest cause of injury and death in infants and children, you have a little planning to do before you assume this new responsibility.

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All in the family: stepfamily’s seldom easy

Making It Work Creating family time, Carol believes, has helped all the children grow closer. “We have rituals, like family movie night and game night,” she says. “And we’ve created new traditions, like taking family vacations and picking out a gigantic Christmas tree every year.” (For other tips, see “Steps to Success.”)

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