Brooke Mueller MugshotBrooke Mueller is back in trouble with the law again.

Yes, it seems Charlie Sheen‘s ex-girlfriend has been hit with charges of cocaine possession and possession with intent to distribute, both felonies, along with misdemeanor third-degree assault charges stemming from her December arrest in Aspen.

The charges were apparently filed based on the initial findings of local police, who claim that the 34-year-old Mueller assaulted a woman named Llana Hora Castillo Pacheco Little at the Belly Up nightclub.

The investigation is still ongoing so authorities aren’t saying much about the case.

The trouble started for Mueller when police, following up on a report that she assaulted a patron at Belly Up on December 2, tracked the former real estate agent down to the Escobar nightclub. A subsequent search turned up the coke, and the mom of two was taken into custody.

No word on what began the violent confrontation, but prosecutors have since come up with witnesses to the assault, including two police officers.

The District Attorney’s office filed felony possession with intent to distribute because Mueller supposedly had over four grams of cocaine on her. If convicted, she could face six years in the slammer.

Just in case there’s uncertainty over how much cocaine was found on her, prosecutors also filed the second felony count of possession of four grams or less, which carries a lighter sentence of 18 months.

Mueller remains out on $11,000 bail and has returned to L.A. after finishing up an intensive, three-month drug and alcohol treatment program. She’s now entered into an “aggressive outpatient program” in which she has a sober companion who will help her stay clean.

“Brooke is feeling better than ever before, and is committed to continuing treatment for as long as necessary to maintain her total and complete sobriety,” said her rep, Steve Honig.

Mueller is due back in court on March 5.