Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse over at BP, the oil giant has now been caught faking photos of its crisis response team and posting them on the company’s website.

John Aravosis at AMERICAblog broke the story and now The Washington Post has picked up on it.

First, check out the photo below which was posted to the BP website earlier this month:


Now, take a closer look and notice what a hack job BP did on these photos. My 6-year-old daughter could have done a better job Photoshopping these pics:








Additionally, the picture that BP posted contains meta data suggesting it was taken in 2001, not in July of 2010. So did BP take an old picture and insert new pics of the oil spill over it? WTF?

In a lame effort to address these issues, BP has now posted the “original” picture, so they say.  They have not, however, posted the “high res” version of the photo.  I guess they were afraid of being exposed yet again.

The company claims that the picture is real, but that it showed blank screens, so they put fake busy-looking screens in the picture.

Stay classy, BP.  Stay classy.

UPDATE: BP has faked another photo of its “top kill” procedure last month.