Black Eyed Peas Slash Fergie

The Super Bowl XLV halftime show seems like it was a very polarizing one. People either totally loved it or totally hated it. Growing up a huge Guns ‘N Roses fan, I loved it.

Not only did the Black Eyed Peas rock the house with a few of their greatest hits, but the dancers also wore funky, TRON-esque costumes, AND they brought out a few surprises like former GNR guitarist Slash and the pop icon, Usher.

UPDATE: See why changed the lyrics here

Slash and Fergie even belted out a rendition of the GNR classic, “Sweet Child of Mine”. Even though the vocals were a little “raw”, it was still a very entertaining show.

What did YOU think of the Super Bowl halftime show?  You can check out the video below.