Bianca LaRussaPoor Bianca LaRussa.

Back in April, we told you that Tony LaRussa‘s daughter had made the cheerleading squad for the Raiderettes.

Before her cheerleading career could even get off the ground, it’s over.

Bianca has injured her back and, due to degenerative disc disease, has had to stop dancing with the Raiderettes.

Bianca LaRussa Injury Tweet 1

Bianca LaRussa Injury Tweet 2

Bianca LaRussa Injury Tweet 3

Will Bianca ever recover?

As The Backyard states, “It’s like Peyton Manning having two off-season neck surgeries. You might get one more season out of the body, but it’s highly unlikely.”

Sorry, Bianca. At least you had the chance to pursue your dream, albeit briefly!