WikiLeaks Julian Assange

The fallout continues. Bank of America said today that it will stop processing payments intended for WikiLeaks.

B of A joins an ever-growing list of companies who have terminated services for the controversial, whistle-blowing website, including PayPal, Amazon, and MasterCard.  Ironically (and in possibly related news), WikiLeaks has already said that its next big leak will contain bank information.

“This decision is based upon our reasonable belief that WikiLeaks may be engaged in activities that are, among other things, inconsistent with our internal policies for processing payments,” the bank said in a prepared statement.

WikiLeaks has said it intends to release confidential documents in 2011 that will reveal “unethical practices” at a large U.S. bank, which many believe to be Bank of America.

The site has even issued a message on Twitter urging its supporters to leave B of A.

“We ask that all people who love freedom close out their accounts at Bank of America,” read the WikiLeaks tweet.

“Does your business do business with Bank of America? Our advice is to place your funds somewhere safer,” WikiLeaks said in a follow-up tweet.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was set free on bail this week from a prison located in Britain where he is fighting extradition to Sweden over sexual assault charges.

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