Baby Angel Babcock TornadoFor 48 hours, it was the story that captivated a nation.  One toddler, found alive in a field, after one of the most devastating tornado outbreaks in American history.

Sadly, baby Angel Babcock died yesterday, bringing the death toll from Friday’s tornadoes in the Midwest and South to 39.

Angel was found next to the bodies of her family members in a field near their Indiana home.  She died from traumatic brain injury after her family took her off of life support.

Fifteen-month-old Angel Babcock died at 4:10 p.m. Sunday afternoon after her grandmother, Kathy Babcock, decided to remove her from life support.

“I had my arm around her when she took her last breath,” Babcock told ABC News. “I sang to her itsy-bitsy spider.”

Angel’s mother, Moriah Babcock, 20, father Joseph Babcock, 21, and two siblings, Jayden and Kendall, were found dead in the same field as the toddler on Friday. Angel’s grandmother said that, when she let her granddaughter go yesterday, she knew the little girl was going to be with her daddy.

“We were all around the bed, I had my hand on the side of her, and I reached for her hand, and was holding her hand,” Babcock said. “I don’t know what made me let go but she put her arms straight up, she was daddy’s little girl. So daddy picked her up and took her. The whole room seen that. He was just like, standing in front of her. She wanted to go with daddy.”

The Babcock family is now receiving some help from the community in burying their loved ones. Bank of America has set up a Babcock Family Fund to help pay for the family’s funeral expenses.

More in the video below.

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