Facebook FailWell, this is a Facebook Fail of epic proportions.

Angela Voelkert, 29, pretended to be a 17-year-old girl in an attempt to scrape up some incriminating evidence against her soon-to-be ex-husband, David Voelkert, on Facebook.  In the end, however, it was Angela who wound up getting duped.

Posing as 17-year-old Jessica Studebaker, Angela contacted her David, 38, on Facebook. The friendship that quickly developed turned out to be much more incriminating than Angela had hoped…or so it seemed.

In messages with “Jessica”, David asked the girl to run off with him and leave his wife behind. He also stated that he had installed a GPS tracking system on his wife’s car.

David then told “Jessica” that he wanted his wife taken out of the picture…yes, he said he wanted to have her killed.

He told “Jessica” that “you should find someone at your school…that would put a cap in her ass for $10,000.”

“Once she is gone, I don’t have to hide with my kids… I can do what I want and not have to worry about not seeing my family anymore. You should find someone at your school. There should be some gang-bangers there that would put a cap in her ass for $10,000. I am done with her crap!

… See, I am taking care of everything! I will finally be free, my kids can grow up and not be around all the hatred, it will be over. With me gone with my kids, the police can’t pin anything on me as I will be in another state, so I will be fine.

Will you be ready to go with me on the 10th? Let me know, baby!”

Based on the exchanges, the FBI arrested David Voelkert on Friday, but he had an ace up his sleeve.

Jessica Studebaker

Suspecting it was Angela all along, David got notarized affidavit (see below) shortly after Jessica came online. In said affidavit, David he said he believed that “Jessica” was his ex-wife.

He said he was interacting with this person and lying in order to obtain proof that his Angela was interfering with his personal life, proof he would then use in a court of law.

“In no way do I have plans to leave with my children or do any harm to Angela Dawn Voelkert or anyone else,” he wrote abovenotary’s stamp. He then kept one copy and gave another to a relative for backup.

Although the feds a run for their money, all charges against David have now been dropped.

Well played, David. Well played.

David Voelkert Affidavit