Amy Beck

Well, the week wouldn’t be complete without a teacher-sex scandal, although I thought that story about those 2nd-graders performing sex acts would have fulfilled this week’s quota.

It seems that National Beck, the husband of former Burbank, California middle school teacher Amy Beck, threatened the life of the student with whom Amy, 33, admitted having sex and oral sex, according to a lawsuit filed by the student’s family.

The lawsuit filed on Tuesday against National Beck, am LAPD police officer, claims he threatened to kill the student, 14, along with his family after he walked in on his wife and the boy in his home.

Back in March, Amy Beck pleaded no contest to unlawful sexual intercourse and committing a lewd act on a child.  The judge made the former David Starr Jordan Middle School teacher register online as a sex offender.

Amy is a married mother of three and shocked police when she turned herself in back in March and admitted that she was having an affair with one of her former students.

She said that the relationship, which ended in December 2009, left her filled with guilt.

Beck taught English and social studies at the school.

[Image: KCAL]