Tragedy struck at an amusement park in Spain last night, as a 15-year-old girl was killed and two others were taken to the hospital with severe injuries when an amusement park ride in Barcelona broke in midair.

One boy who was on the ride suffered some injuries but was able to walk away from the accident. No names have been released as yet.

“El Pendulo” (The Pendulum) suffered a malfunction of its mechanical arm, which broke and the basket carrying the passengers dropped onto a ride called “The Golden Mine”, according to Sara Jaurriete, director of the Tibidabo amusement park.

Tibidabo’s website calls El Pendulo, “the ultimate free fall and the first of its kind in Spain.”

The ride pulls passengers up to a height of about 124 feet, then drops them into a 60 m.p.h. free fall.  The mechanical arm then takes riders through an arc.

There were about 4,000 people in the park when the accident occurred around 7 p.m., local time.  The Pendulum opened up at the park about 4 years ago.

Park officials may have had an indication that something was wrong with the ride when operators reported a “strange noise” at around 3 p.m.  The ride was shut down while the maintenance team performed an inspection.  After running the ride successfully without anyone aboard, it was declared in “perfect working order” and reopened to the public about ten minutes later.

The Tibidabo theme park underwent a thorough inspection by an outside agency back on June 9th and will now be subject to a police investigation.

The park is closed today so officials can begin that investigation.