Update: Well, I was wrong, although I’m not sure how that happened.  See here for more.

It looks like Hitwise has come up with some data supporting my theory that Adam Lambert will win American Idol by a landslide tonight.

After every show, I’ve been tracking the trends and searches for “Adam Lambert”-related phrases have been phenomenal.  If that’s not a good indicator of who will win tonight, then I don’t know what is.

Now, Bill Tancer over at HitWise has new data backs up that theory…

The chart of search volume for the two finalists, dramatic rocker Adam Lambert and boy-next-door Kris Allen would appear to make this prediction a no-brainer.


Searches for “Adam Lambert” outnumber “Kris Allen” queries by a factor of 5-1. Closer examination of search variations on the two finalists reveal a Stacy Keibler Correction Coefficient lurking in the background. Of the top 100 search variations for Adam Lambert, 15% centered on his sexual orientation. In fact search variations for Kris Allen also demonstrate that searchers are less concerned with ability then with contestant’s personal lives. The most common searches for Kris Allen center on his religious beliefs and questions about his wife.

I have read Tancer’s book, Click, and you should too, because then you would know the answer already.

It’s official. It will be Adam Lambert by a huge margin.Feel free to agree or disagree.


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