Amanda KnoxAmanda Knox now claims she was sexually harassed by a prison official in Italy during her four-year stay behind bars, according to a TV program to be aired on CBS this weekend.

Knox, who has returned home to Seattle after being acquitted of murder and sexual assault, said the “high-ranking prison administrator” ordered her into his office, alone at night, to talk about sex.

“He was fixated on the topic of sex, with whom I’d done it, how I liked it, if I would like to do it with him,” said a letter from Knox, quoted by 48 Hours Mystery, which airs tonight on CBS.

“When I realized that he really wanted to talk to me about sex I would try to change the subject,” she added.

Knox, now 24, wrote: “I realize that he was testing me to see if I reacted badly, to understand me personally. He wanted to get a reaction or some information from me. I did not get the seriousness of the situation.”

Check out more in the video below.