Am I Ugly VideosThere’s a troubling new trend taking over YouTube, one in which young girls post videos of themselves on the popular video-sharing website and ask other users, “Am I ugly?”

It’s nothing new to want to seek out others’ opinions of us, but is it healthy to be making yourself so vulnerable on the world’s largest video website? Internet users aren’t always known as the most kind folks in the world…the worst trolls can be downright nasty.

Many of the videos have thousands upon thousands of comments, which range from extremely nice and supportive, to the kind so cruel we won’t post them here.

Some say these girls are just fishing for compliments or seeking attention from anyone who is willing to give it.

Dr. Joshua Klapow, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, tells ABC News that teenagers have always had a desire to be accepted.

“This is just an extreme version of something that’s very normal,” Klapow said, adding, “Another piece that’s normal is impulsivity. Give them a medium that is so easily accessible and so potent, you get the problem we’re seeing.”

Dr. Alan Kazdin, Ph.D., a professor of psychology and child psychiatry at Yale, agrees.

“There’s a part of it that’s unfortunate, but there’s a part of it that’s natural. Technology has made it so that it’s not new in principle but new in practice,” he said.

Still, is YouTube the best place for young girls to be seeking validation?

Check out the videos below and decide for yourself…

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