Alexa FlutieYou’ll never guess who’s going to be cheerleading for the New England Patriots this season.

Yes, Doug Flutie‘s daughter Alexa Flutie has made the cheerleading squad.

Just like her dad, Alexa’s journey to the NFL wasn’t an easy one.  After only four years in the league, the Patriots released Doug Flutie after the 1989 season. He then spent eight years in Canada and won three CFL titles before getting another job in the U.S.  Doug eventually proved he was NFL material, leading the Buffalo Bills to two playoff appearances and finishing his career after the 2005 season with the Pats.

Alexa, 23, is trying to prove that she is cut out to be an NFL cheerleader after previously being turned down four times by the Pats’ squad. This spring, she finally landed a spot.

“It was very hard, very draining, but [I’m] very excited to get through everything,” Alexa said.

Those that don’t know that Alexa had been declined down four times before have made claims of nepotism, but she brushes off that criticism.

“I’ve heard a couple people — maybe comments online or people just talking about [how] I got it because of my dad,” Alexa said. “…The cheerleaders have been absolutely great, they don’t judge me in any way whatsoever.”

To this day, Doug Flutie is still somewhat of a local icon in Boston for winning the 1984 Heisman Trophy despite his 5-foot-10, 180-pound build…and also for connecting on “Hail Flutie”, a Hail Mary pass that helped Boston College defeat Miami in November of 1984.

Alexa likes to keep her…Continue reading: Alexa Flutie Makes Patriots Cheerleading Squad