Municipality of Anchorage
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It finally happened.  Two months after experts predicted that Mount Redoubt would erupt, the Alaska volcano has blown.

The eruption began at Mt. Redoubt at about 11:38pm Sunday night (local time).  Many aircraft have been diverted that would usually stop for fuel in Alaska.  Flights between Asia and the East Coast of North America pass through for fuel on their trips.  So far, Alaska Airlines has had to turn back 4 planes headed for Anchorage.

An ash cloud warning is now in effect for Anchorage.  Ash from Mt. Redoubt is expected to land at 2am local time across the entire Anchorage area.

Scientists had updated their warning of the eruption about 12 hours prior based on a series of about 60 earthquakes in the area.

It’s still dark in Alaska currently but you can view constant updates at the Alaska Volcano Observatory website.  You can also follow the updates as they occur on Twitter.  We will try to post pictures of the Anchorage volcano as soon as dawn breaks…


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