Mitchell Marcus Act of KindnessWarning: You may need a box of tissues while watching this video.

Mitchell Marcus serves as the team manager for the basketball team at Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas.

Due to the fact that he struggles with a disability, he is often on-hand to support the coach and team, but never really gets to play in any actual games.

In a recent game, though, Coronado coach Peter Morales opted to let Marcus suit up and get on the court to play against Franklin High School.

The crowd began chanting “Mitchell, Mitchell” when he entered the game.

Still, Mitchell had trouble singing a shot.

Then, something incredible happened.

Franklin player Jonathon Montanez called out to Mitchell. Jonathon passed the ball to Mitchell and he quickly turned toward the basket and was able to sink the shot.

The crowd went nuts and stormed the court.

Coronado was already ahead by 15 points, so the shot itself made little difference, but it was something no one in Texas will forget anytime soon.

Check it out below.