AmbulanceWhen you call 911, the last thing you expect to hear is someone snoring on the other end of the call.

That’s just what one woman here in Maryland got, though, after she noticed her husband was having trouble breathing on April 4. When she dialed 911 for help, the operator connected her to an ambulance dispatcher.

After the call was transferred, however, the panicked woman was met first with silence, then she heard…snoring.

“Hello? Hello?,” the caller said without getting any response.

The original 911 operator realized the woman wasn’t getting any assistance and jumped in to take over the call. There was then some confusion, however, when the original operator thought the snoring sounds were coming from the woman’s husband.

About 6 minutes into the 911 call, the ambulance dispatcher woke up and asked the caller for her address. The woman’s husband was taken to a hospital, and he ultimately recovered.

The unidentified 911 dispatcher was reportedly 17 hours into a 24-hour shift when he dozed off on the call. Officials put him on paid administrative leave.

Assistant Chief Scott Graham says that in his 24 years on the job, “This is the only time a dispatcher has ever fallen asleep on a 911 call.”

Hear audio from the 911 call in the video below.