200 to Quit FacebookMost parents wish their kids would spend less time goofing around on the internet, but would you pay your child $200 to quit Facebook?

Rachel Baier, 14, made just such a deal with her father, Paul. Dad said that if Rachel could stay away from Facebook for five months, he would give her $200, according to The Sideshow.

The two drew up a contract (pictured) and signed it, just to make things official.

Rachel will now receive $50 if she stays off the world’s most popular social networking site until mid-April. She’ll then get the other $150 more if she can hold out until June 26.

She has given her dad her Facebook password, which he has since changed to keep her from logging on.

So why did Paul Baier offer his daughter $200 to quit Facebook? Well, it turns out it was Rachel’s idea in the first place.

“She mostly wanted and needed the money as she has been frustrated by not finding babysitting jobs. She is an honors student but she says Facebook can be distracting.”

Paul says Rachel initially wanted $70, but then decided to see if she could get her dad to sweeten the pot.

“When she realized it would be for five months and she wanted an amount that would really excite her,” Paul explained.

Paul hopes his daughter can be a trend-setter.

200 to Quit Facebook 1

“I’ve realized that she is part of generation of kids that has grown up on Facebook. She’s been on it for two years full time. This is two years of 24/7 teen discussion of friends, clothes, parties, etc. They can’t get away from it. I’m proud she recognized the benefit of a hiatus. She plans to go on using it after the contract end.”

The deal expires on Rachel’s last day of school.