11 Year Old Hockey ShotIt was almost too good to be true.  Earlier this month at a charity ice hockey function in Minnesota, an 11-year-old boy made what seemed like a miraculous, 89-foot shot from center ice to win $50,000.

You see, Nate Smith had won the contest and was supposed to be the one to attempt the shot. Nate, though, was outside the arena when they called his name, so in stepped his twin brother Nick Smith.

Nick made the shot.

Once the boys’ father, Pat Smith, came forward the next day and admitted to organizers that the twins had pulled the old switcheroo, Odds on Promotions, the company that insured the event, decided to hold up on giving the boys the prize money.

Yesterday, the company decided against giving Nate the $50,000 and instead donated $20,000 to Minnesota youth hockey in the boys’ names. They didn’t give a reason for withholding the prize money, but it’s probably safe to assume the rules that it was written into the policy that the winner of the $50,000 had to be the one who purchased the ticket.

Pat Smith says his boys are disappointed, but he’s glad they did the right thing and they’re happy that Minnesota’s youth hockey will benefit.

Looks like WWE’s “twin magic” didn’t pay off for this duo.  Here are two Minnesota twins who didn’t cash in.

Check out the video at Wild Pitch Sports: 11-Year-Old’s Winning $50K Hockey Shot Gets Slapped Away (VIDEO)